Bonaire Windsurf Place

Bonaire Windsurf Place is located on the windward side of the island known as Sorobon, at Lac Bay. At Sorobon, the water is shallow and warm, with steady tradewinds, and a beautiful beach – perfect conditions for catching some wind in your sails and claiming the freedom of the water, but in a sheltered, safe area.

Training & Lessons
For those wanting to improve their board skills, learn to water-start, footstraps, harness, stance, Jibe and much more. Bonaire Windsurf Place offers instruction from people like Bonaire’s Windsurf Olympian and Champion, Patoen Saragoza, who also happens to be one of the owners. The other staff, while not past Olympians, certainly have held their own in regional windsurfing competitions.

The staff of Bonaire Windsurf Place can offer individualized training for any level of skill – from rank beginner to champion windsurfer, both in the fabulous waters of the Sorobon area of Bonaire.

For those comfortable with their windsurfing ability, Bonaire Windsurf Place offers the best in equipment, including boards from RRD, Pro-Tech, and Naish. Sails are by Hot Sails Maui and Naish.

Kids & Families
Windsurfing isn’t just for adults and big people – Bonaire Windsurf Place offers instruction for kids ages 5 and up. In particular, Bonaire Windsurf Place offers regular Kid Clinics, which run for 5 days and teach kids the ins and outs of windsurfing. The program was developed in training the “Bonaire Kids”, a championship group of windsurfing youngsters who have competed in international events and taken home to Bonaire a wide range of prizes and awards for their windsurfing ability.

Other Amenities
Because windsurfing is an obsession, and we believe in supporting such obsessions, Bonaire Windsurf Place offers a snack bar featuring sandwiches, snacks, and beverages right on the premises, so windsurfers don’t need to go far to recoup their energy before jumping back on a board. And, to make sure sunburns aren’t an issue, the Bonaire Windsurf Place’s surf shop offers basics like surf shirts, sunscreen, t-shirts, gloves and surf shoes.

Phone: +(599) 717-2288

Fax: +(599) 717-5279