Windsurfing on Bonaire

Those in the windsurf know, flock to the windy shores of Lac Bay. With steady onshore trade winds, conditions are perfect for every skill level. Freestylers from around the globe return each year to train for the annual pro tours. Amateur sailors continue to take to the water, honing their skills. The flat water and bump and jump conditions challenge any type of sailor.  Beginners find the conditions so forgiving. There are two  windsurf shops featuring state of the art gear.  Windsurfers will enjoy several dining options as well as shade and sun for lounging between windsurf sessions.


Bonaire Windsurfing has several windsurf-friendly options for accommodations. From luxury villas to rustic bungalows, there’s something for every budget. Most properties offer self-catering options. Most are family and child friendly.  Each property is managed by seasoned travel professionals who can assist in planning the perfect windsurf getaway. There is also a windsurf tour operator who is also a windsurfer herself.


With non-stop service from Amsterdam, European travelers are quickly jetted to the windy shores.  North American sailors can opt for non-stop air from Houston, Atlanta and Newark. There are connecting flights from other cities as well. Options from South America are possible as well. Ask the travel experts at Bonaire Windsurfing for more detailed information.


When you are yearning for a windsurf getaway, look no further. Bonaire is the perfect choice for your next holiday.   Easy air, perfect conditions, and a very friendly island culture makes Bonaire one of the world’s most sought out windsurf destination.  Come find out for yourself soon!